Matsutake Forecast 2016

Matsutake forecasts will begin August 1, 2016.

Thanks to those who participated last year.

Forecasts are available to Registered Members Only. To receive forecast, you must email Those who participated last year will automatically receive forecasts this year.

Those who receive forecast are required to report accuracy of forecast. Reports are due when the new forecast is received. Forecasts are updated every 5 to 7 days, Reports are necessary to increase accuracy. Reports are not shared with the public or others participating and receiving forecasts.

These reports help determine at what temperature formation can begin and when soils are too cool to form mushrooms in an area. Forecasts are based on temperatures down loaded from each area. Each forecast location indicates what general temperatures in the area and not specific temperatures in areas where matsutake grow. A temperature of 60 degree in one area may indicate formation is possible, where as in another area it may be 55 degree.

Rise in temperature is also important to determine volume of crop formed. Too little rise will not form mushrooms. Too much rise will cause forming mushrooms to burn and die or not allow mushrooms to form. Generally a 3 to 10 degree rise is needed. 5 to 8 degree rise is generally ideal.

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