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87 Comments on “Mad Morel Bull Board

  1. newmush5


    My whole family likes to go picking for personal consumption and of course a little for sale. This year I can’t find any info on whats going to be commercial or not. Not as easy when there was just one big fire to go to. If anyone is willing to share where the buyers plan on setting up…I would rather be close in case the price is above 4.

  2. conicalifornia

    Hey Folks, temperature gradients and humidity levels very conducive for the first big fruiting of the ascomycetes this coming weekend. These are the sac like fungi order that fruits during warmer weather and includes morels. Premordia pen development is triggered much differently than the basidiomycetes group thus instead of decomposition aiding in fruiting and premordia development the starving or limitation of nutrient flow from surrounding host species triggers premordia growth and is why post forest fire and logged area produce much of our morel crop. A disrupted landscape followed by a cool long moist periods like we have had followed by a steady gradual warm up is perfect for the ascomycetes fruiting cycle and this year appears its coming together for a memorable crop. If you find any ascomycetes fungi always remember to keep very cool or they will spore out and decompose within hours into a puddle of muck! Full buckets (hole drilled) or baskets

  3. Carley-Jane Stanton


    My name is Carley-Jane and I’m a researcher looking to connect with anyone who is/has been/considered foraging in the Wood Buffalo/Fort Mac area this summer. Participating in the study would involve a few interviews and, if you’d allow it, me tagging along on a foraging trip for a short time.

    Let me know if you’d like more info, would like to participate, or know of anyone picking in the area this year!


  4. jay Corden

    Mushroom head, where are you and where are you thinking. I pick several species, I’m located in Saskatchewan Canada temp. Just on a hitch hiking trip with my 2bush savy dogs. It’s snowing in Calgary today, so another month before Fort Mac Alberta or the fort St John areas of bc . Few years in morels , picked chanterelle for 35 years this fall. Have a small group called mushroom mania on a very popular social network. Text me at . 306-730-0668.
    Timbertraveler ( Jay)
    Feather ( gldn Trev /timber wolf 8yrs)
    Smudge ( BLK lbb/Mastiff 6 months old).

    1. MushroomHead

      Was locked out . Glad that’s over will send you a text Eve of April 20. Curiosity got me lol

  5. MushroomHead

    Looking for someone to partner up with this year, must not be afraid of the bush and have at least a few years experience. Any one interested?

  6. Ronald Banville

    Only picked once, and loved it. Just to be in the bush. I’m looking to take a summer and give picking morels a chance. Not just for the money, but for the experience and fun camping. I’m 60 and recently devorced. Need some time in the bush. Looking for ideas on were to go. So far seems like fort Mac, or Fort saint john. Have my truck and looking for an import camper, if anyone has one in bc only. Here’s to a good summer picking.

    1. MoreMorels

      Hey Ron, have you found someone to go pick/camp with. I’m thinking of pairing up with someone. I’d like to leave 3rd week of May, and be on the mushroom trail for 6 weeks or so. Ideally fort Mac first then further up north in Alberta and the NWT. I’m an average picker (15-25lbs per day) but do enjoy camping off grid for periods of time. I have my own ride and gear, I’m probably going to dry all mine this season. If you are still looking let me know how to contact you and we can touch base. I’m younger but a simple guy not much into the party crowd.

  7. Robert Treefrog

    Hey Rolly: are you out there in? We had 1.5″ of rain the 3rd and 5+ inches over the weekend of the 17th It’s On?! Headed West in a few! Call Me Robert: Mendo, Rocks!

  8. jay Corden

    just left Campbell River, Chanterelles are sprouting late, but the torrential rain is not. pines dropped to $4, I sold 19 good buttons at $6 the day before, a few buyers in the area…all are buying at different prices so needed to shop around. just found some nice chanties this morn in Revelstoke, and heading for another “look-see” in the Nukupt area.
    33 years picking Chanties, and this is one of the weirdest seasons yet…climate change, logging.
    the forestry will be “nuking” the forests north of Campbell River over the next 2 years, prime mushroom area ( Chanterelle,Pine,Hedgehog,Lobster,Angelwings,Honey ,Califlour, conks) can all be found in abundance. (Tammy’s café [on fb} needs your support to help stop this distructive logging at the back of her door (she always has a hot coffee for a cold picker).
    play safe my friends…Timbertraveler

  9. cranberrydawg

    I really can’t say it any better than Garf just did, but I’ll just add, that even though I didn’t personally know August, I felt I very much did know him from reading all his colorful posts. I always looked forward to his insight and quirky humor. Rest in Peace August, we’ll miss you here at Matsiman.

  10. garf

    I haven’t been on here for awhile . I was kind of shocked to read that August was not doing well and now he has passed on . My condolences to his family and friends and we are all going to miss his humour and stories on Matsiman. RIP August you will be missed … i will think of you this year when i am out picking is a way to honour .

  11. Matsiman Post author

    We’ll all miss the adventures of August, Wabbit and Alice that Mad Morel shared with us. Though you have left us, you will live on in our memories and be with us when we pick a mushroom.

  12. Mike Kent

    Hi everyone well a new season is upon us Sad to hear about the loss of August my regards to the family in this very difficult time . On a lighter note we will be going up to Nas Valley soon to pick chants and blues are there any buyers up there yet I hope this season will be one for the record books time will tell thanks talk to you later

  13. BoletusJoe

    It is indeed a very sad day at Matsiman.
    I have never met August, and can only wish I had. I enjoyed reading his many “strangely put together” posts over the years. And have noticed how quiet it has gotten here in the past months.
    I would like to say to all his friends and family, my warmest regards in your time of need. I know that he is in a better place, and I am really thankful that he had a minimum of suffering.

    I am not a big drinker… But when I have my friday night beer I will be hoisting it in a salute to the Mad Morel. R.I.P. friend

  14. Lobo

    I received a text at 0306 Pacific Time from Sadie that August had passed on, apparently about 1:30 to 2:00 am this morning.

    Just received another text that confirmed it and that the people had picked him up and taken him to Tri-Cities Crematorium.

  15. phantom picker

    Im sorry to hear about mad Morel. My dad and many friends have parted from cancer its an ugly undiscriminating disease. Wishing his family nothing but the best and prayers in this time of need. Its always hard To say goodby but a somewhat relieve to know theres a better place once we part. He will be missed in present and on Matsiman board. Phantom picker.

  16. Lobo

    The Mad Morel has been moved to a hospice facility; they cannot do chemo as he is still fighting pneumonia/infection; he is on 100% oxygen.

    They are doing everything they can to keep him comfortable. August has declined significantly & they expect him to pass within a day or two.

  17. Lobo

    …another Mad Morel update

    I just received a phone call from Sadie & August, he desired for me to pass along information concerning his present condition.

    Two new cancers have been discovered in his left lung and they are going to start him on chemo.

    Having recently had half of his right lung removed to eradicate cancer, finding two new growths will be especially hard on his recovery.

    He would appreciate any prayers offered for him.

  18. Lobo

    …another Mad Morel update

    Surgery was a success but he was not released until Wednesday which was two days later than previously predicted.

    “Two all of you who have following my progress from surgery The Great Escape on Wednesday lasted until Friday afternoon back in the hospital with pneumonia. I won’t be able to answer your questions tonight I’ll try in the morning right now I need to get some sleep and rest so goodnight do you all on Facebook.”

  19. Lobo


    I copied the update on Mad Morel from his facebook page, he had cancer cut out of his right lung.

    Often his FB page gets updated but is not reflected here, therefore I interject the FB information so that people will be updated.

    Mad Morel hopes to be foraging again soon. It has been almost three years since my stroke and I won’t be foraging for at least another year.

  20. littlescoop

    Been a long time lurker and had to join to say Thank you to you Lobo for all we have read over the years…you’ve brought joy to me and (I’m sure others) whatever you typed and I Thank you for that.

    Good to hear you will be out where we all love to be!!!

    1. littlescoop

      Duh!!!! Sorry meant MM and was a Thanks to Lobo for updates…reading between the lines *LOL*

  21. Lobo

    MadMorel update as of two hours ago or about 7:30 pm Pacific Time…

    “I’m doing fine, surgery went well. Dr left out a few parts that he can’t figure out where they be long so I have extra parts in case I need them. I’ll be up seven to 10 days back to the woods I go hi ho hi ho I hope.”

  22. BoletusJoe

    Dam: It will be very quiet around here, I’m thinking. Sorry to here this news. Must be from all those spores inhaled over the years.
    Well there are some tough old shroom pickers out there, and I think he is one of them. All the same I will be channeling my best thought and preyers in his direction.

    And to you Lobo good vibrations as well.

    1. mad morel

      It would be a sad day if I was never able to post on here if I died and gone to hell and no internet in hell besides not having any mushrooms that is. Thanks Joe I didn’t know you had it in you.
      PS thanks Jo thanks Joe I’m not ol thanks Joe I’m not old I’m just older LOL

    2. BoletusJoe

      LOL…. Take it to the bank,,,, There is no Hell or perhaps not even a heaven. But rest assured there is one BIG friggin’ patch of Mushrooms of your choice out there. I promise. !!!!!

  23. Lobo

    Copied from Mad Morel’s Facebook page, spelling and punctuation changes by Lobo…

    I have cancer in my lower right lung I go in next Friday August 5th to have it removed.

    I’ll keep everybody informed, may God be with me I’m on a mission to hell.

    By the way if I don’t make it would somebody take good care of my wallaby and please don’t tan his hide and leave it on the shed, thank you.

  24. sunray

    Hi, I am in Vancouver and I will drive to Barney Lake or Yucon in the next days (friday or next monday) , I am waiting idication from my friends, so If sombody its interested to share the car and the gas, I have a Fortd Windstar mini van. I am from Spain, my name is Joaquin

    1. kiwi1

      Heading north too . Let me know what you find thanks . Sounds like you will be there before me . Kiwi

  25. mgfree

    Hi wildfire! Did u make it to Watson? Are the buyers there? Is there a good amount of mushrooms? What’s the buyers paying? Are you doing well?? We are in the NWT we really need buyer information. We are in NWT waiting for morel harvesting to begin (we’ve been monitoring multiple groupings growth for 7 days now). This is our first year and we are looking to contact a buyer or know how to know where buyers will be located during the season. We are completely self sufficient and have all our own supplies and can relocate numerous times if necessary. Any contacts, tips and/or information would be very appreciated! ☺ We’ve will be in service for about an hr then again to check for buyer info tomorrow at some point. Currently we are at km 96 yellowknife highway 3 NWT. Thank you in advance for any help!!!!

  26. windfire

    The buyers I was supposed to meet up with are saying Prince George is not producing and that they are headed to Watson Lake in the Yukon. Still not saying how much they are paying though (how convenient). Thought I would post that news here for anyone interested.

    Email I got about location:
    From Watson lake head east 12miles to lost post and turn left to access the fire…. Further details will be on pacific rim mushrooms Facebook page! Roads are fair! Look for a black lifted dodge 3500 or ask for sebastian

  27. mad morel

    Mr. Lobo not so lonely Lobo mr. Golden Lobo how about Morel Dr the doctor in the house with morels hey John how you doing yes I do have some and I plan on cutting it up and making tea out of it also I have heard that asparagus helps as well you are too Blended Peru and then take 4 tablespoons the liquid in the morning and for that night do this daily to my understanding it’s supposed to help fight cancer a matter of fact there’s a document that talks abou that talks of a person was open up and the doctor said he cannot be helped too far gone so they sewed it back up and let him go home he heard of asparagus treatment and decided he would try it within 6 months he had no cancer he was clea he was clear complete he was clear completed doctors were stunned also it was used back in th it was used back i it was used back i it was used back in the 1615 hundreds something like that for kidney stones and very effective I have the article on Facebook somewhere and one of my files I’ll send you a copy and anyone else that would like a copy. I’ve got to go and have another x-ray done for the VA it could be just a viral ammonia virus several people we know speak of it and one we know was told the same thing and found out later it was just viral ammonia not cancer cross my fingers and Hope but it does not show up but then you know I’ve been smoking cigarettes from the time I was eight years old served in the Republic of Vietnam and exposed to Agent Orange smoke pot since I was 17. And I still smoke I just don’t want to give up pot are cigarettes but I know I must give one or the other but at this time in my life Why Stop Now if it’s cancer I’ll stop one but not the other and I think that will be given up the camel hump and stay with the hem stay with the hump hump hey I think I just gave a title to a song now just come up with the words had to do that hip hop

  28. Lobo

    Mad Morel, sorry about the growth in your lung. Get some conk, dry it and brew some tea. I place some of it between lip & gum when I go to bed.

  29. mad morel

    But all my son but all my signs Still Point to another mushroom that should be coming on my June and that is chanterelles Eastern slopes of the Cascade have been very warm and plenty of water the temperature of the soil is right for the chanterelles but not morels your beliefs I’m still looking forward to finding the first pops chanterelles by the 1st of June 12 to 15 days early we’ll see what happens full buckets to you all the mad morel

  30. mad morel

    I’ve been doing some thinking here recently which is probably dangerous for where I go in this area I live in we never really se we never really see morels and large quantities until after Mother’s Day everyone show up and type and thinking why can’t we find any will it’s because the warm weather we’ve had has helped the plant life and trees brush flowers to wake up and most of the signs that I usually go by that tells me that the morels are on or not working there is something missing so I must say that you you have an area if you go by the flowers and plant life to allow you to know when your patches the naturals morels indoor bullets should be on and they’re not go over your indicators and see what is not showing tamarack trees are usually one of my best indicators in full bloom morels would be on not this year calypso orchids have not appeared Alpine and Lily has not appeared but the lupine has been flowering and normally I would go by fat to be looking for my Spring Police

  31. mad morel

    Well the time has come we’ve been waiting for all winter this season and it looks to be a good one many people are finding have many people are finding half free morels growing in their yards and a lot of snowbank morels are also showing up this year more than usual that’s a good sign now it’s time for the rest of them to show up and with all the snow we’ve had this past winter and rain the spring we will have a good season exception for the May prediction of temperatures above-normal and for June July and August normal or above precipitation for the northwest will be normal let’s hope they’re right on the prediction Latina to my understanding it’s going to reappear this year that’s not good warmer-than-normal winter we’ve had them the last couple winners and nothing but dry weather so let’s hope they’re wrong this is the Mad morel same to all of you be safe specially in the fire burns and be courteous to your fellow Pickers that may be in the area all your trash out leave no sign that you were there full buckets to you and Andy I’ll chat with you later I have a few questions for you about this coming season and you and your map predictions I like to try it out by the way I’m not sure how much of the season I will have due to my health I’ve been down for seven to eight weeks this wet spring with a viral infection I went i I went and had an X-ray done in my lung and I found a softball-siz and I found a softball-sized tumor but then on the other hand it may not be a tumor more X-rays are coming in a few weeks let’s see if the antibiotics that I’ve been taken as help hopefully it was just a viral pneumonia that was showing on my lung doctor said it wasn’t there two years ago but being 65 years old Vietnam veteran exposed to Agent Orange you never know but with modern technology it’s a possibility it can be taken care of you’re done early but I’m not giving up shrooms I’ll be out there climbing in mountains up and down looking for every little morsel like it fine of course I’m a smoker have a stop that yet been doing that since I was 8 years old I’m surprised I live this long full buckets to you all happy Hunting mad morel on the move

  32. Canadian Pine Pollen

    Hi Everybody,
    The Canadian Pine Pollen Company is looking to grow our community of pine pollen harvesters and buyers. The Canadian Pine Pollen Company will buy pollen buds by the gallon from Lodgepole, Ponderosa and White Pines. If you are interested in being a harvester or harvest buyer for the upcoming 2016 spring season, please visit us at
    Happy Harvesting!

  33. mad morel

    somewhere over in Iran. have an idea let’s box up Obama and send them over to Isis land along with Biden and Hillary and Nancy Pelosi for dessert somehow we got to see this land from the tarnish image that this government has placed on it. my question is with all the news media out there talking about Hilary and Obama and what they’re doing to this land how come the people of this land have not started some kind of protest to have them thrown out of office way back when it all started half the people in this nation don’t even have a clue of what’s going on they don’t watch the news or listen to it on the radio even the young generation have no clue. so many people think Obama’s turning right but if you’re poor with no job living on the street you got health care now you can thank Obama what the working man has to pay the price. don’t get me wrong about healthcare its well needed by many but when the President speaks on the state of the nation I never said a word about the sailors taken hostage by the ironies just to make sure he allows all the money that he promised him back and their nuclear capability to continue there is something wrong. baby if I ran for president until all the poor and the illegals I will help them and take care of them and they don’t have to work maybe I’d be elected as the president President John F Kennedy set in his speech it’s not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country maybe I’ll just change that around it’s not what you can do for your country that is what your country can give to you or must give to you how did I get elected take all the money from the rich man and give it to the poor quotes Obama spread the wealth I’ll take it away from you. guy wants to take the guns away from all law abiding citizens because every time he hears of violence be due to guns he jumps up to the podium and said I want gun control I don’t see ice is getting their weapons off the internet are from a gun owner and I swap or gun show they get theirs from Obama yes Obama he’s been supplying all the weapons so that men women children can be killed don’t you just love the end Democrats can you see what they been doing to this country in the last 8 years I bet you don’t believe me now when I say Hillary Clinton is not presidential material well maybe just a little bit they all live that could be part of it been leaning towards truck quite some time but I’m starting to ship my ways towards someone that may have a strong military background and will do what has to be done and not sit there and give people money for taking our people hostage then take away all the guns so they can come over and kill us I don’t think I’d want to go someplace where they all have guns and try to take them over there’s just not that easy but if they don’t have anything to protect him it’s like slaughter and sheep . I have nothing against refugees and we should help those that are Christians who have a perfectly good reason to leave the country but still they need to be checked out first so you know terrorist can slip through the ranks of the river juice. just read a report earlier today the Arab nation is helping to sleep in al Qaeda into Mexico that’s too close for me bolo bolo bolo get out your gun let’s go hunting we’re look for Isis and rabbits on the run.

  34. mad morel

    I’ve been out looking for ice wabbit but he is so white I can’t see him he’s not even wearing his black hat so I must say Go Ask Alice when she’s ten feet tall poor Alice has been caught in the rabbit’s hole she just wanted me to small as she grew ten feet tall but then mother gave her one that does not do a thing at all Go Ask Alice about the rabbit in the hole. just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in I hear Uncle Sam goddamn self in a terrible jam

  35. BoletusJoe

    …..the rabbit is leaving tracks in the snow, or are they squirrel tracks?
    “Mad Morel” just threw another log on the fire, and can’t wait for the “rabbit” to lead him out looking for early spring shrooms.

    Comments Please!!

    1. mad morel

      Andy,what year where you there and in what part of the country I was up in the the Central Highlands about 25 miles away the crow flies from the Ho Chi Minh Trail station with the 815 th combat engineers 70 72. This is the first time I’ve heard of you being in the service Once again welcome home.

  36. Matsiman Post author

    Thanks to all veterans in Canada and the United States for your service. Your service is well appreciated. I wish a peaceful and rewarding future for those who have ended military service and those still serving as well. Come home safe. Matsiman, U.S.M.C. Vietnam

  37. monasheewild

    Hi garf I remember all those people I also played hockey I think our team was the Haymakers
    I think I was about 22 years old then started out loading pulp boats by hand then worked as general labor for a couple of weeks then went on a tour of the mill and was asked which one of the 5 positions they offered did I want. Times were good back then. Bought a brand new condo in 1969 for 23,000 how times have changed.
    Here is to Port Alice and all the memories used to go to marble river for Chantys and bolete

  38. garf

    hi monashee… its possible I guess . I remember when I first got there I was 17 fresh out of high school and I got in my 30 days before I turned 17 and they had to let me in the union … really didn’t like that as the age limit was supposed to be 18 .. anyhow I worked under a guy named Ron Davidge on the service crew ..he showed me the ropes and the when I got in the finishing room I worked for Pete Bazille foreman ..once in awhile Bruce Sanson and Herb von hockoff… ..lots of good times and met a lot of good people there … played hockey for the finishing room ,,that was fun.. my bro lived at Victoria Lake

  39. monasheewild

    Hey Garf
    I worked at the mill in Port Alice fro 1968 till 1980 digesters then the acid plant
    picked a few mushrooms back then mostly chanterele and bolete
    quite possible we met way back then

    1. garf

      that’s where I worked when I got out of high school.. worked on the service crew and loaded boats and then the finishing room ,,, all in the pulp mill for Rayonier…went back for another two year stint and worked in the small wood plant. Rumble Beach was fairly new back then. and the mall downtown was nice ,,,Quatsino Hotel . Had a lot of fun in that town…even though in the winter the constant rain could wear you down. think we might get some rain here soon.