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1,734 Comments on “Buyer Picker Messages

  1. conicalifornia

    Hello all, tracking large unseasonably strong looking upper level low moving over eastern Russia/Siberia and appears around September 1-4 could be our first wetting storm in a while. It should be on the cooler side with not much post tropical energy and more colder air rotating around the large slow moving low. This storm should be supportive of matsutake premordia developments and maturation of semi developed pens that set last year but did not fruit. If this low can break down the stubborn north pacific high it could set the stage for either another cooler low pressure or open up the east pacific to post tropical energy from the equatorial west pacific. Got my fingers crossed!!

  2. phantom picker

    Good to hear all is well. I also have had the chance to go panning but as you more work and aches than pay lol, but all in all its more for pleasure. Really smokey today can’t see the mountains a mile away and im pretty sure the valley will be closed to the public still in the fall the way it’s going. Don’t know what to think anymore about our weather, things have changed and no for the good.
    God luck with the prospecting hope it pays off one day.

  3. Matsiman Post author

    phantom picker, nope, didn’t get your emails. I guess something is wrong with my server cause I don’t get them from my wife. both of you are on my white list but, still not getting through.

    Things are dry and burning. Fires all around us but, none are near. Most days are very smoky. doesn’t look like any change for a month or 2. Been testing veins for gold but, haven’t found any worth working. There are 2 creeks on the property with plenty of water. One has no gold and the other is too deep to bed rock, 25 to 60 feet!!! could get some float stuff. It would be just for fun. Would need to sieve everything down to minus 1/8 and could only run 5 buckets a day cause of all the time it takes. Usually get about 1/2 gram. Works out to about $1.50 an hour and a soar back!!!

  4. phantom picker

    Matsiman. How are you? I had sent you a few emails a while ago but i guess you have’nt received them. Not good here bone dry again and oatch is burning up. One of them anyways. Alot cooler and cloudy today and Hopfully a good down pore. Hope all is well with you and going good.

  5. conicalifornia

    Hey Folks, north pacific high has become quasi stationary and established leading to a prolonged dry hot spell and i admit i was wrong with my wetter summer prediction for i did not see this high becoming this strong and stubborn! Whats happening is ENSO has finally stabilized after the super el nino and subsequent delayed response of the strengthening walker circulation or La Nina that arrived last year or two years after the very strong El Nino event. This allows the Inter tropical convergance zone or heightened area of thunderstorms /low pressure to be spread out instead of focused over one area of above normal ocean temperatures. The affect on the Planetary waves in the northern hemisphere is more of a high latitude zonal flow with low frequency of hurricanes in the atlantic and typhoons in the west pacific albeit a weak hadley cell circulation not fueling cut off lows or short waves trying to undercut the high pressure dome. This adds up to a dry August and maybe even September for the PNW with very wet October and November with the rain switch turning on drastically from very dry to very wet. Not too good for mushrooms and our bipolar climate is getting bit worrisome to be honest. Cheers and hope im wrong about dry September!!

  6. jeremyjames23

    the federal government passed a new law providing a way for First Nations to manage reserve lands and resources themselves. This law is called the First Nation Lands Management Act (FNLMA). First Nations who wish to self-manage reserve lands and resources under the new Act must, among other things, first develop a land code setting out their rules for land and resource management.

    For further information, contact AANDC BC Region main reception and ask to speak to a representative in Lands and Economic Development.


    1. jeremyjames23

      I am a native who’s reserve tryd to sell permits to access and got sued to hell for it. 😂😂😂 illegal to offer permit’s to those who want to pick on crown land.

  7. OlGulch

    Looking forward to the rest of the season; i’m glad the forecast is favorable. Morel season has been awesome so far, here’s hoping it’s a long one. Of course it doesn’t work this way, but it sure feels like we’re “owed” a good crop after the deflating year 2017 was. I’m off to check some new ground, driving through the night. Tomorrow will tell if it pays off.

  8. phantom picker

    The weather patern at my end has taken a turn on the cool side since the heat had stopped lol as predicted so not to worried about a dry spell now lol. Been in the bush several times and noticed a variety of different fungas already growing that haven’t been around for quite some time so looking forwards to this season and what will grow.
    Thank you always a pleasure.
    Good luck to all and be safe.

  9. conicalifornia

    Hello all, the wet summer i spoke of is beginning now with a series of upper level lows stacking up and being fueled by a progressive Southerly Jet Stream or positive Pacific North America Pattern. This southerly jet is introducing moist air coming off Asia and looks very good for Green and Gray Morel along with coastal Chanterelle and Lobster firing off in few more weeks. I havent seen this wet summer pattern for around ten years and reminding me when our climate behaved bit more normal. Its also beginning to look like we could have a very wet winter from Central California up to Northern Oregon. Last but not least matsutake should have a bumper crop with many premordia set and waiting for the right warm cool sequence with them starting early August and huge volumes by late September/early October.
    Full buckets!

  10. Ronald Banville

    Any info on picking morels, at the Elephant hills site. Is it good for picking, is their lots of people, and what are the camp spots like? thanks for any info you have.

    1. MorelSamurai

      About 120 pickers, camping spot hard to find, have to pay 50$ to natives and you can pick and camp on designated spot. Dry as f*ck, looks like a desert.

    2. Ronald Banville

      Thank you for the update. Any buyers there. And is there any money to be made?

    3. MorelSamurai

      Could be possible, i left a few days ago. In 23 days i spent there we had a total of 5h of rain. Havent seen any mid/late season morel poping anywhere. There was 10 buyers total with the ones east of Clinton from what i could see. Price averaged 6.50. The koots are dry as well. The plateau and Hanceville burns i think they are controlled by natives, williams lake area no info. Kleena kleen access is hard.

  11. conicalifornia

    Dont worry phantom picker. Global teleconnections or atmospheric oceanic coupling very different then last year which means a much different pattern. Walker circulation weak vs strong, Quasi Bienniel Oscillation West instead of East, Antartica Oscillation more negative then positive, MJO active in Indian ocean vs West Pacific, Northern Hemispheric planetary waves less amplified compared to wave 6 pattern. This equates to short waves or upper level lows moving over west conus every couple weeks and heat spells should be no longer then a few days vs a few weeks.

  12. phantom picker

    I think i spoke to soon.
    Hot and fr#!!%n dry already here and if this is whats to come for the next 3 month things will be like last season yuk!!!.

  13. Matsiman Post author

    Message sent to me in email.

    Secwépemc Communities*1* Affected by the Elephant Hill Fire*

    Statement to the Mushroom Harvesting Industry

    The Secwépemc welcome you to our territory, which encompasses the *Elephant
    Hill Fire. *The Secwépemc people have lived and thrived on this land since time
    immemorial. Today we continue our role as stewards of the land through our
    management of forest resources, including the harvesting of understory
    products such as morels.

    As of May 2018, any persons or commercial entity entering Secwépemc
    territory to participate in the harvesting, buying or processing (drying)
    of morels is required to purchase a permit and agree to the terms and
    conditions therein. Permits for camping on Secwépemc territory will also be
    required, for use at designated sites.

    *The purpose of this permitting and monitoring initiative is to:*

    – Ensure environmental protection and stewardship of the land
    – Reduce negative impacts to Secwépemc soils, waterways, cultural
    values, culturally historic sites, wildlife habitats, ecosystems, road
    systems and campsites
    – Increase safe operating practices in use, to protect the public
    – Educate harvesters and buyers on how to coordinate and initiate
    emergency response
    – Assert Secwépemc rights, title and jurisdiction over our territory. As
    evidenced by our northern neighbours the Tsilhqot’in, in the landmark
    supreme court case of 2014; all resource extraction and impacts to the land
    under Aboriginal title must gain approval from the Nation on who’s
    traditional territory operations propose to take place. This permit and the
    terms and conditions therein will formalize a temporary land use agreement
    with those applying to extract under story resources from Secwépemc


    (*1) As well as Ts’kw’aylaxw First Nation of St’atl’imc Nation

    Approved camping sites will be provided with portable toilets and
    non-organic waste management services for permittee. All permit holders
    will also be given a *Harvester Orientation Package* which includes:

    – A downloadable Elephant Hill Fire Safe Operations map (including
    active/deactivated roads, private land, parks and reserves)
    – Resources and information supporting safe operating practices
    – And an Emergency Response Plan with all necessary local contact
    information and protocols.
    – Buyers will be offered to have their buying stations advertised on the
    Elephant Hill Fire Safe Operations Map

    Please make your way to our website for more
    resources, information and *to purchase your permit*. Permits will also be
    available for purchase (***CASH ONLY***) at select Band Offices, starting
    on May 15th. You can also follow our Facebook page “Secwépemc Territory
    2018 Elephant Hill Harvest”, where we will be posting live updates
    regarding the region.

    All permittee will be entered into a draw for a brand new *Tatonka
    Lastenkraxe Pack, Garmin GPS and assorted other prizes from local

    We appreciate your compliance and support in our efforts to positively
    engage with the Mushroom Harvesting Industry, while mitigating the negative
    impacts harvesting has on the land and local communities still recovering
    from the devastation of the 2017 fire.
    The Secwépemc Communities affected by the Elephant Hill Fire

  14. phantom picker

    Marsiman good to here all is well.
    Congrats on your 40th we just had our 23rd year together ladt month. Glad to see im not the only one with the honey to do list lol. I find though that the list gets bigger as time goes on lol. I still haven’t been able to get out panning just can’t seem to find time but plan on it this year hopefully. Hi Garf good to see you on the board.
    Good luck to all and be safe.

  15. Matsiman Post author

    garf, Things are going OK here. Didn’t do any winter mushrooms and don’t plan on Morels. They started about 3 weeks ago from what I hear from a friend who picks to eat. He only picks on his property, This year he is screening what he picks and spreading what falls through the screen, in likely spots.

    Been getting a little gold, very little, and working on projects for the wife. This November, we’ll be married 40 years! She still has a way of getting me to do “Honey Does”.

    Wish you the best for Morels this year.

  16. garf

    hey everyone …getting antsy to go on a little excursion and will real soon . when i went outside tonight there was a cold wind blowing and where i worked a bit last week and this weekend there was snow but it is almost gone . Shady areas had some … thinking of wandering through the logging slash as the sun has been hitting it pretty good but i think it would be too soon for morels . I sure hope Conicalifornias forecast for a much better mushroom year comes through as last year was the worst i have ever seen …EVERRRRR and with me and picking ever is well over 40 years. A lady buyer friend of mine says the same thing …worst ever .. anyhow it is another year and looking forward to just getting out and enjoying the hikes . I already spend all day outside anyhow but the thrill of finding a big nest of Matsu Buttons or a blanket of fire morels is something that gets me every time . time to start preparing …if anyone has a bushnell D tour gps that they want to sell , let me know . prefer Canadian side sale as i am tired of hassles of the cross border shipping . Andy hope all is well and will send you a few pictures midmay when i go on a scouting trip. Cheers and full buckets..

  17. phantom picker

    Thank you for the forcast over the years i always look forwards to them due to being accurate and especially last season lol. Im looking forward to this season been antsy for a while now but getting started on a new project to collect from the bush and with the sound of how the weather might turn to be makes it great for what im going to do.
    Thank you.
    Good luck to all and be safe.

  18. conicalifornia

    Hello All,

    Anyone know where the fire maps from last year are on Inciweb? They have changed the format and i cant find any maps! Arghh!! Anyhow get ready folks for a very impressive run for mushrooms from Natural Morels to Burn Morels to Chanterelle and Lobster to Matsutake and Boletes. The atmospheric dynamics in the North Pacific is supportive of a cooler moister regime than last summer which means lots more mushrooms for everyone! This pattern is based on the weakening of the Walker Circulation or the easterlies along the equator and the repercussions of a major sudden stratospheric warming event that split the polar vortices in mid February. Moreover the Madden Julian Oscillation is sleepy with no defined active region supporting a more evenly spread out active inter tropical convergence zone with the equatorial thunderstorm belt or the area of heightened activity in no particular one area (this will change eventually but looks like Spring at least this signal will remain and Summer possibly). This pattern maintains a more zonal low latitude jets stream with lower amplitude planetary waves with less difference between the low and high pressure gradients or geo potential heights. Last summer was the complete opposite with very high amplified planetary waves and very strong Walker Circulation and was a very bad mushroom year. This year should be a good one so get those boots,packs, and legs ready people!!

    Cheers to Summer mushrooms!

  19. MorelSamurai

    For some reason it gets a bit tricky to get on here, have to click on the link /buyer-picker-message otherwise the only link wont let me in…anyway

    I have no eyes in BC, have no idea what it looks like with the snow or temperature, what did you guys figured out about when it should pop up in the kootenays or thompson area? I know how hard it is to predict when these buggers will flush though.