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  1. MorelSamurai

    Anyone knows here by experience what could be the price of a fresh pound of morel in Canada for the beginning of the season? As far as i know last year the morel harvest was pretty slim, the market will most likely be in demand unless they did/doing good in the US..?

  2. MoreMorels

    That time of year again, start planning this years morel forage. If anyone is looking to team up or a partner, I’m looking. I hope to leave Alberta May and spend a few weeks up and down BC. Have a vehicle and gear. If interested at all let me know

  3. Morelli

    Hi, Morel Samurai,
    The Kootenays are still colder than a well digger’s ass. Currently about -5 Celsius. The snow has been melting rapidly at lower elevations, but more precipitation is expected this week; either in the form of snow or rain. Hope this helps.

    1. MorelSamurai

      Okay thanks Morelli

      I was just checking if mother nature was on our side this winter for a successful morel season. I guess all we really need is a wet rainy spring.

  4. MorelSamurai

    Anyone knows hows the winter in BC so far? In the kootenays and or Cariboo area? Like the amount of snow on ground and the temperature in general? Thanks

  5. Jaws

    Hey everyone,
    Beginner picker here, anybody have info on starting Morel/mushroom picking for making a living?
    I am in Oregon traveling and trying to fund my adventure. I am a hard worker and hiker, and willing to team up with somebody who is a veteran.

  6. ccgabbie

    Hi, I am looking for 200 lbs of younger whole/sliced wild reishi from the USA (whole needs to be about 2-3 inches across the cap, and sliced can be a little older, we don’t want really small slices. More like 4-5 inches across. We are also looking for dried turkey tail.

  7. Noel Chafe

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody would know how I could contact Wolfie or Wolfgang in British Columbia, Canada for the upcoming morel season..

    1. Noel Chafe

      Oops just posted instead of replying. Thanks Big Dumps, I emailed Ponderosa a while back but no response. I’ll try again . Thanks again Big Dumps.

    2. Noel Chafe

      Thanks Big Dumps, I finally made contact with Wolfgang. Hopefully it will be a good season for everyone this year.

    1. OlGulch

      Hi ccgabbie, I may be able to put you in touch with someone from Spokane. Can I get your email to chat further?

  8. garf

    hi all …it looks like awhile since there has been anyone all here .. wishing all a happy and prosperous new year in 2018. this year was a complete bust for matsutake and white chantrelles . Absolutley zilch. Never seen that before in the many years i have been picking. Hopefully the morel picking will be good . Definitely going to check that out. I cant wait to be able to throw on the pack and head out for a day of picking. So here’s to 2018 being a good one. now i have to find me a good off road trailer. cheers

  9. MorelSamurai

    Seasons greeting to everyone, merry Christmas and happy new year to every crazy mushroom pickers out here.
    Upcoming morel season is gonna be wicked! 4 months left and counting.

  10. phantom picker

    Thought i’d go check for yellow foot but no luck and a lot of the logging roads have been washed out so that puts an end to a lot of areas. Hopfully they’ll get fixed next year.
    Seasons greatings to all.

  11. tomentosa

    Thank you for the info Richard. I picked a few pines at sea elevation in Tofino/ucluelet this year, but nothing in any of my patch in Port Alberto, quite discouraging… Next year will be better 😉

  12. Richard Knap

    I was in patch in shawnigan for two hours. well known patch. picked 4lbs of buttons. if you have a exclusive patch might be good. i just pick for my own feed. been picking for 23 years all over bc. 80% button pick. a few wormies. low elevation is not produceing. strange to see new amanitas this time of year. did not see any winter chantrel. best of luck.

  13. Richard Knap

    Picked some nice size buttons today in cowichan valley. Seems pines kicked in after snow and cold snap and know warming period. Baby aminitas in area as well. Does anyone know price for pines?

    1. tomentosa

      Hi Richard, any commercial amount or only one here and there? I was tempted to go and have a look in Shawnigan Lake but not sure it is worth the drive that late in the season….

  14. phantom picker

    Fishgod sorry to hear you had no luck finding any pines, i thought for sure you’d fined a few but at least you found some golden ones all i found this season is two rotten whites lol. Next springs morels prices might be low depending on the weather. If conditions are right and theres an abondance then you can count on low prices but hey im in no rush to sell and I’ll dry everything and wait for the right moment to sell.
    Conicalifornia, always looking forwards to your predictions thank you.

  15. fishgod

    Hi Folks,
    No Matsutaki to be found for me on Vancouver island this time. I did however, find some beautiful, large golden chanterelles and had a fantastic holiday with much 4×4 adventure. Met a young lady and her husband and child at the hotel. Selina and Theron. Turns out her parents are from Nelson and follow this Matsiman forum. No idea of user name but if you are following big Hi to you!
    Hope everyone is well. May be a good season for morel next year with all the fire activity we’ve had!

  16. conicalifornia

    Hello Wildcrafters,

    The season is playing out much like i predicted and the Summer was just too dry in the far Northern Pacific West this summer to keep the fine surface roots of the trees thriving and transpiring. The sequence of the very wet Winter to the extremely very dry Summer shuts down the energy flow through the upper rootlets and the premordia or mushroom mycelium along with it. The saps and mycelium are very sensitive to a steady exchange of energy through the non fruiting period when the underground mycelium is growing and forming pens or premordia. A couple mid Summer storms would have made all the difference to wet the forest surface soils and activate the surface roots and minimize fine root mortality. Nevertheless next year could be a very good one and the areas your seeing zero mushrooms could have a bumper crop as the premordia that did not fruit complete their growth, the hyphae spreads out even further and then goes into hibernation waiting for the correct conditions next Summer and Fall to produce mushrooms. Lastly, Winter varieties like Black Trumpet and Hedgehogs could have a healthy pop in Southern regions as soils moisten up and cooler frosty weather takes hold.

    Cheers to Patience

  17. phantom picker

    Hi fishgod, all’s well except for the fact it’s been a bust season and one for the books man lol. For all the years I’ve picked this is the first for having no shroom of any kind in the bush. Like you said i hope it Isn’t a seasonal repeat. Even the wild berries were done before they could even mature it was to hot for to long. A lowsy season indeed. I noticed a week or so ago someone had posted some beautifull looking buttons still in the ground on the island so hopefully its still mild enough to do a pick so good luck and be safe.

    1. Rob802

      chantrells real slow few around not many and not every where real spotty the very odd pine showing up got snow now

  18. fishgod

    Well Folks,
    Have to say this year is a write off! We had a cooling and warming to no avail. I have never seen such a lack of fungi. Even the types I don’t harvest aren’t there. Salmon fishing was also very bad this year. I certainly hope this is not the shape of things to come. I could be wrong but perhaps our beautiful planet is trying to tell us something? Or maybe just an “off” year, I certainly hope the latter

  19. Morelli

    Pinerunner, it’s been snowing off and on all day here in the central Kootenays. Temperatures are below 0 Celsius. I’m pretty sure the season is done around here.

  20. pinerunner

    Went over to Boston Bar on Sunday, Oct 29th. Checked out five spots, absolutely nothing growing. Anyone thinking about going there don’t waste your time or $$$$. Good Luck out there.

  21. Matsiman Post author

    brandonkop, The reason all three chances for formation failed is because what you call a warm spell was way to hot for a successful formation, especially the last try.

    I’ve only been collecting data for 4 years using a new weather station. New in that I haven’t used it but for 4 years, including this year. The one I used previously is no longer reporting. The new station has been accurate forecasting matsi production the past 3 years. Near as I can tell, a daily average rise of more than 8 degree F, using new weather station, begins to be harmful for formation. Maybe could take as much as 10. All 3 formations climbed well above those limits. This last chance was 12 to 15 above for about a week. No chance for matsi formation under those conditions.

    According to forecast weather, we will reach a new fall low next week. This new low will be another chance for formation. The concern is that the new low will be to low for the bulk of the patches in the CJ area. Can’t say for sure if it will be too cool for bulk of patches cause of the lack of years of data. My best guess is that it will be too cool. There is a chances patches near the valley floor will form and then produce. Can’t say until the weather actually happens.

    Hope I’m wrong and we do have a season. Being wrong doesn’t bother me cause I still learn something useful. No matter how long you’ve been picking, or what you know, matsi can do something that is a surprise.

  22. phantom picker

    Well it was more than a slow pick here, there was absolutely nothing of any kind of mushroom and still nothing. Now there calling for freezing temps by the middle of the week so hate to say but its not happening here. Hopefully next season isn’t going to be another hot dry summer. So now on to plan A B and C but not sure just yet on what that might be lol. Thank you again Matsiman for all that you’ve done and do and for those still picking, good luck and be safe.

  23. jay Corden

    Was a slow year up then ass this year , first a bust season for Morel in Ft Mac , the the Ines, hoping to pick some Chanterelle on the lower coast now …but snow next week is a threat .
    Good picking all

  24. Matsiman Post author

    ez4sure, yep looked to see if the leaves had settled. Had a couple of failed formations. Looks like a 3rd failed formation. Just have to wait and see. If there are any, it’s only a handful. Going to look tomorrow just for fun. Don’t expect to find any.

    I’ll let you know when a buyer shows up.

    1. brandonkop

      So why do you think the formations failed? Any thoughts. We even had a good dump of rain with a cold spell for formation last time and then some nice warm weather. I looked Sunday and there still were very few mushrooms if any. Spotted a few golden chanterelles and some Zellers but nothing else worth picking. Slooooowwwww!

    1. ez4sure

      hey matsiman thats a good price have you looked in your area after this storm also can you let us know when a buyer shows in cave junction

  25. Matsiman Post author

    Thanks for the updated weather report conicalifornia.

    Things are extremely dry here. Rain this week and next will be appreciated. Temps are favorable but have not followed forecast temps. I’ve change the matsi forecast for my area 5 times in 4 days!!! The only temps I can rely on are the ones that have actually happened.

  26. conicalifornia

    Hello All, the first strong storm of the year i spoke of last week is still on track for Wednesday late afternoon thru Thursday (10/18-10-19) evening and then drier and warmer next week for Southern Oregon. Its appearing that the southern portion of the PNW is going to have a better Fall mushroom fruiting then the North did this late summer and early Fall? Moreover, the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) has activated and is now energizing the low pressure development in the West equatorial Pacific allowing the jet stream to entrain more water vapor and moisten up the westerlies, this could support a wet mid to late November for Oregon and will be interesting to see if flooding rains impact the region. At the moment teleconnective global oceanic and atmospheric patterns are suggesting a very wet Winter year for Southern Oregon with California more on the drier side and will be interesting to see if the strong Walker Circulation that has established weakens allowing more warm southerly atmospheric river storms to form or stays strengthened (strong easterlies) supporting more of a La Nina cooler cold regime. Bottomline a very mysterious unpredictable Winter is approaching and we are all going to learn more from what plays out.

    cheers to first strong storm of Fall

  27. Alexander McNaughton

    Curious about Powell River scene; any posters on here local pickers in the region? I pick south of town and am looking for someone to take a hike with once and a while; as a bonus I can buy your mushrooms for better than field buyer prices. Hit me up if your down to pick. Full buckets!

  28. Matsiman Post author

    Forecast charts have been mailed to those who asked and reported since last chart. If I missed you and you reported since last chart, please let me know.

  29. fishgod

    Thank you for confirming my observations Matsiman and you are so very spot-on as always. I understand what you mean by bowls as well!! Morelli, let’s not forget it’s only October, in my region November is most productive however, I noticed a lack of fungi of any kind on last weekend adventure. Lest hope for a “warming” after this sudden cold spell

  30. Morelli

    Fishgod, I know that smell. It’s quite pleasing. I haven’t been picking so far this season. Even around my home here there hasn’t been a whole lot of mushrooms popping up. Usually, there are good numbers of agaricus and lepiotas in the lawn and in nearby orchards, but not so much this year.

  31. fishgod

    Also, for anyone new to mushroom kinship I would strongly suggest obtaining a back country gps with topo maps installed. Not only can you mark your spots for future reference but you’ll avoid getting lost in the woods…….I’ve been lost more than once and trust me it ain’t fun!!

  32. fishgod

    Jds. Here’s my take on shroom habitat.
    Moss and filtered sunlight=shrooms
    Moss with many ferns=not many shrooms
    I find mountainous slopes along the edge of clear cut Forrest is prime location. I truly feel that sunlight plays a role perhaps my friend Matsiman could chime in on this subject.
    Another thing with Matsi hunting for me is odour……I can sincerely “smell” the right habitat. Not just the shrooms themselves but the surrounding habitat has a distinct scent which I can’t really explain with words.

    1. Matsiman Post author

      fishgod, Edge fruiting does have something to do with sunlight. The sun warms the soils on edges forming mushrooms. Edge picking can be the most reliable in some areas. Edge picking, and not under the canopy, is due to a short formation period. The soils warm on the edges but not under the canopy. The longer the formation period the more wide spread the area of fruiting including under canopy. Edge picking includes clear cuts and usually tops of ridges and finger ridges on northerly sides. On ridges one can follow the fruiting up the ridge maybe 100 feet to the inside of the ridge. In other words a line up the ridge inside the ridge a distance. Sometimes only 50 feet wide. There are other situations such as a bowl where parts of the bowl have the same warming as a ridge or clear cut edge. Sure is fun following a line of fruiting!!!

    2. JDS

      fishgod…I’ve found Matsi’s in moss too, but also in some very bare ground. As for odor, some people can smell the mushrooms. I once had a friend stop and smell the air, then turn and lead us right to them. They were about 20 feet away through thick brush.

  33. fishgod

    Hi all!
    Went to one of my favourite spots on the weekend only to find one white chanterelle. It was a large specimen and was enjoyed with breakfast the following day. The road was washed out to my other spot and even my 4×4 didn’t stand a chance to get there:(
    Anyway, as far a certain plants being synonymous with Matsi I read years ago about “candy stripe” plant growing with Matsi but I didn’t use that info with any success as that plant is much harder to locate than a giant Matsi “flag”. At this point I feel elevation might be the ticket but to my surprise there was a lack of any species of fungi…..period

  34. MSHRMS

    Hello all,

    My wife and I have been on day trips to our local chanterelle spots in and around Vancouver BC for the last two weekends. Quite disappointing with only 5–10 mushrooms found on each outing. Hopefully the recent rains bring some fruiting before it gets too cold.

    Happy picking!

  35. conicalifornia

    Hello Matsiman and Mushroom Enthusiast,

    Heads up for fairly strong wet storm impacting Central Oregon down to Northern California next Tuesday and Wednesday (10/17-10-18). This appears to be the first large storm of the year and on the warmer side with an atmospheric river tapping into the low pressure which should heighten precipitation totals. Moreover the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) is finally waking back up after a long hiatus over the Maritime continent and is going to propagate eastward into the West Pacific increasing the likelihood of typhoon formation thus energizing the North Pacific ocean basin and moisture levels in the Northern Hemispheric Westerlies. This should bring more wetting storm through the end of the month and possibly warmer air also. As Matsiman has mentioned this warmer air could be what the Matsutake needs to fruit and could be what we need to get the West coast Matsi waking up. I know Canada and Washington are having a bad year and some say its the seven year cycle period but I attribute it more to the dry summer up there and it could be a much better fruiting in Oregon and Northern California Tan Oak crop.
    Cheers to mushroom rains and temps approaching!

    1. Matsiman Post author

      conicalifornia, Boy I sure hope your right about rain and the warm air!!! It’s the perfect formula for matsi production. You haven’t been wrong yet. Lets just hope the warming is sufficient.

      Canada has had a poor season so far with the exception of one area. Others have formed a small crop but, continued cooling is slowing or stopping growth. A warming would sure help. The concern is that it’s getting late and snow might set in.

    1. JDS

      Thank you, Matsiman. I have found Matsi’s under Vine Maple, but only some places. Lots of other places where there is Vine Maple isn’t Matsi habitat at all. Do you know of another plant other than Allotropa that is a sure sign of Matsutake?

    2. Matsiman Post author

      JDS, No I don’t know any other plant that is a positive indicator of matsi. Many veteran pickers know of certain habitats signs that indicate there is a good chance matsi is there but it isn’t for certain, just likely. More than likely any other positive indicator is just folk lore not proven to be a reliable positive indicator.

      An example is that I use old growth stumps as an indicator that it is a matsi area. It works most of the time if the rest of the forest looks like matsi habitat but it isn’t a positive indicator.

  36. Micheal Spence

    I have been very lucky in my hiking this year! Found 3 possible picking locations, and as far as i know NOBODY PICKS THERE! Found 2 plant species associated with Matsi! hoping for fruiting now.

  37. Matsiman Post author

    Morning All,
    Here is a general look at the areas I am monitoring in Canada.

    The long range forecast conicalifornia gave us for temps earlier is holding true for temps. Most areas have just formed small crops with 1 exception. All areas are continuing to cool and those areas that have formed, can expect slow or extremely slow growth. There is no significant warming in forecasts. Warming is needed to grow any formed mushrooms. Those areas that have formed, have a chance for mushrooms to grow but, prolonged cooling will damage those formed and extreme prolonged cooling will kill formed mushrooms.

    Let’s hope for a warming.

  38. brandonkop

    Well spent a bit of yesterday and all day today looking for pines but seems too early or somethings not right. There are no mushrooms at all of any kind. Looked around whistler, pemberton and north of pemberton. Covered elevation of 600 feet to 3300 feet, south facing, nOrth facing aND nothing. All looked the same no shrooms. No mushroom buyers either that are usually set up and didn’t see anyone else looking. Anyways that’s my dismal report. Rained pretty good today and it has really cooled down tonight. I’m hoping to check back in a couple weeks if anything is popping then.

  39. Matsiman Post author

    Forecast charts mailed to those reporting. If your not reporting, you won’t get a forecast chart.

    Also, my email filters are set extremely tight. Without them set so tight, I can get as many as 250 spams per day. If you write and I don’t answer, leave a message here and I’ll get back in email. You don’t have to post your email. I have it.

  40. MoreMorels

    Still have a seat available headed to nass valley in the next couple days. Leaving from Calgary. If someone wants to split gas costs (200-300 each) lets go picking for 10 days. I’m a simple family man 32 yrs old.

  41. Rick James

    Forest in Kootenay west is bone dry , went through Nakusp and talked to the mushroom buyer little to very few mushrooms coming in . Unless we get some type of rain event chances are we won’t see much of a season this year. I found one wormy pine and a few chanterelles and lobster mushrooms .Back to the fire wood pile ! Praying for rain!

  42. Lula

    Hi all,

    Just a question on picking etiquette… I am located near Vancouver British Columbia. While on Crown Land I noticed flagging tape everywhere! Low to the ground, tied around stumps/sticks and up in trees. It’s not marking a specific Trail and looks like a place Pines might grow. Would it be wrong to consider picking the mushrooms at these markers, if and when they show?


    1. Matsiman Post author

      Lula, don’t think anyone will answer your question because it’s a tough call.

      Likely those flags were put there by another picker. They may have been there for awhile. One way of finding out is to see if they are old. Old will be faded where the sun hits them, or crumble easily. If they are old. someone has been picking the area for awhile.

      Putting flags up usually means they are unable to remember where patches are in the area. It’s generally not a good idea to put up flags. You’re just inviting someone else to find the patches.

      We had ribbon up on the private property we picked. No one intruded so the flags just helped us find the patches in the beginning. We later took them down. After we left the property others hunted there and also put up ribbon. I started hunting with these people and advised them to take them down, they did cause others were going to the ribbon and finding the patch.

      That’s why its a hard call. Evidently someone else is or was picking the area. In the old days we didn’t pick an area others were picking. The rules have changed. The way I handle the same situation is if there are signs of picking, I leave cause someone is keeping up with the picking in the area. If there is no sign of picking, they may have abandoned the area, haven’t checked it yet, or have too many patches to pick.

      You can see why only you can make the decision to pick there or not.

    2. Lula

      Haha yeah it is a tricky one. I would say this flagging tape is about 3 years old Moss grown over on a couple spots not flaking but also not last year. It is however an obscene amount of flagging tape everywhere so maybe I’ll just pick some for personal use and see if there’s any eveidence of other pickers in the area.. cheers!

  43. Matsiman Post author

    Matsutake Forecast Reminder.
    1 – Forecast are available for the areas on the right , near the top of this page only .
    2 – Only registered users are eligible to receive forecasts.
    3 – Those receiving forecast must report weekly before receiving an updated forecast. If you don’t report, you won’t receive the updated forecast.
    4 – Information received from forecast recipients is kept private and NEVER divulged to anyone.

    I’m posting this reminder because I have received many emails asking for information about production in areas I am forecasting and unregistered user requesting forecast.

    Additionally, I will NEVER give out any information about production in any area, received in email, to general public, good or bad. I don’t want to attract or discourage pickers to go to any area, especially attract. If you want to know about an area, do the leg work for yourself as others do. You’ll find it far more rewarding than having it given to you.

  44. Matsiman Post author

    I’m having problems with my email. For some reason, I can receive email but I can’t send. I’l try to have the problem fixed today and answer email and send forecasts.

  45. Zoey

    I posted a year or so ago about Pines in PG area. Cranberrydawg suggested McLeod Lake.. Went up in November, it was around 8, but warm a few days earlier. There were no signs that I could see. Cranberrydawg, or anyone else know the general whereabouts around McLeod Lake these little devils may be hiding? I just want some to eat, and miss the hunt. Going out Friday. Its been unseasonable warm, cool at night, down to 5 or so, and up to 20 during the day. Its probably cooler there though. I’m in PG.

  46. conicalifornia

    Hello Matsiman and Pickers, teleconnective oceanic and atmospheric variables are suggesting a shift to a wet cold regime around Oct 7 with above average rains predicted for entire Pacific Northwest in mid to late October. This pattern change from our dry July and August is being influenced by the Walker Cell strengthening. This cell is basically what an El Nino and La Nina are based around. Walker was an amazing atmospheric scientist during his time and observed that when the easterlies winds increased it pushed warmer ocean water into the equatorial west pacific thus supporting thunderstorms and lower pressure whereas cooler ocean water pooled in the east pacific where a higher pressure formed. This change in pressure on the opposing sides of the equator has direct influences on the jet stream westerlies in the North Pacific and when the cell strengthens it brings storms in from the Northern Latitudes or negative phase of the Pacific North America Pattern (PNA). Its starting to look like a possible early cold Winter this year for PNW, however the Asia Pacific jet or positive PNA is still showing strength so we could see a mix of cold warm air with mixes of snow and rain thru the Fall and could be good for nice flush of matsutake late October in Washington and Oregon? Nevertheless it is looking like a very active wet Winter along the West Coast of North America. Be very careful if below any burn scars for debris flows!!
    Full buckets,

    1. Matsiman Post author

      conicalifornia, Thanks for the report. The cold, warm, and wet scenario. is one of the best to form, flush and grow Matsutake mushrooms.

      All areas that I’m monitoring have had sufficient cooling to begin formation. The cooling was rapid and deep in all areas. By rapid and deep I mean falling 8 to 12 F in 7 to 10 days. Forecast a week out indicates a warming. A week of moderate warming is adequate to form a fair to good crop. My one concern is that the warming will be too warm and cause damage to formed mushrooms. I should also mention the possability of higher elevation receiving snow.

      Nothing is for sure until the mushroom is in the bucket, sold, caned, dryed or eaten!!!

  47. phantom picker

    Good to see some of the regular fellow pickers back on the site. There hasn’t been anything showing on my end yet but keeping fingers crossed. Seems to be getting a little milder with a little sun in the forcast so hopeing for the best lol. It’ll be nice to see the board light up from ( PINE ON) lol
    Good luck to everyone and be safe.

  48. fishgod

    I will keep you posted on my findings anyway. Found and ate a beautiful Prince mushroom right in our back yard yesterday! I may go for chanterelles on the weekend. Hi Garf…..long time no see. Hope you are well!

    1. Matsiman Post author

      fishgod, If you keep me updated, do it in private email. Don’t want to attract people to you if things work out good.

  49. Matsiman Post author

    garf and fishgod, good to hear from both of ya.

    garf, I’ll be updating the forecast for your area tomorrow or Friday and will send you the chart. Your right, there is still time. I checked the temps for your area today and the temp FORECAST looks promising.. Keep your fingers crossed that the forecast temps are accurate or at least near accurate. If there is a flush of any amount, it’ll be a week at soonest to 2 weeks. The longer the moderate warming, after it starts to warm again, the better the crop!!!!! I’ll tell you more when I send the chart.

    fishgod, I’m not doing your area. In general, all areas are late but have a chance for the most part.

    The rest of you getting forecasts will get them at the same time.

  50. garf

    hi All …seems like fall is finally in the air. We finally had some rain and temperatures have dropped …now i just hope we get some temperature variations that will bring on a flush of mushrooms. Hey Andy hope this finds you well . it would be really nice to have a month or so of mushroom picking like 2015 was for me. only time will tell . i have seen them come early and have seen them start mid october so there is still time. until then it is firewood brigade …

  51. fishgod

    Hi all, I’m very much looking forward to this season! In years past I’ve spent too much time focusing on work and such but have now decided to make more time for the activities I love. High on my list is searching for the treasure that is mushrooms. Matsiman, I appreciate your dedicated work and research, am honoured to have use of this site and hope to assist as much as possible with ongoing research

  52. Morelli

    Nakusp is in the Kootenays.
    I take your point about moisture, but it certainly can’t hurt to have it either.
    I think my main point is that this region is forecast to remain unseasonably warm through November. This would mean that night time temperatures would be warmer, too.

    Here’s a link on youtube about the Environment Canada forecast:

    1. Matsiman Post author

      Morelli, Yep moisture means weight added to mushrooms. Even though the dry soil produced more mushrooms, the moist soil made them as much as 6 times heaver. I still remember going WOW!! when I saw the difference side by side. Best case is moisture during formation and growth. Second best is dry for formation and moist during growth. I, along with Oregon State University and US Forest Service, have documented both.

      I use The Weather Network for forecasts.
      I only look a week out when forecasting. I suggest you look at the link above for past actual temps and forecast temps. It appears they are very different from Environment Canada. Can’t say anymore.

  53. Morelli

    Not sure about that, Matsiman. At least in southern British Columbia. It has gotten colder over the past few nights here in the Kootenays, but I just watched the Fall forecast from Environment Canada, and they are forecasting continued dry and warm weather for this region through November. Cool nights and warm days may be good for Pine growth, but little to no rain may hamper production. It doesn’t look like a good mushroom season here.

    1. Matsiman Post author

      Morelli, not sure what you mean when you say “pine growth”. Do you mean to actually grow, or from start to finish, formation and growth?

      I don’t know the geographical locations of the Kootenays. Which areas that I forecast are considered in the Kootenays?

      Don’t really want to hash out the old rain is need for pines thing. All I can say is there are well documented seasons here in the states. Some with very little rain and at least 1 with NO rain. Actual soil moisture was 8% and still pines were produced. This was a formal study conducted with Oregon State University, US forest Service and myself. Read about it here.

  54. Matsiman Post author

    Morning All,
    Just a note about forecast for pine production in BC this year. I am forecasting for 4 areas only this year. Of the 4 areas, only 1 is producing. The 3 others continue getting colder with no sufficient warming to form few, if any pines. Don’t ask what areas they are cause because of the agreement with those participating I can’t say.

    This continued cooling is to be expected. conicalifornia long range weather forecast on August 22 indicated that this is what would happen. Great job conicalifornia. So far, your forecast for weather conditions in the future have been extremely accurate. I’ve learned to have complete confidence in them.

  55. Rick James

    We received 5-10 mm rain a week ago Kootenay West , went out for a walk in the woods found some lobsters on a north facing aspects , no sign of pine mushrooms the temps are cooling down and more rain on the way ! Happy trails all ! Looks like they got some heavy precipitation up Terrace way for thoses travelling gypsys that like to pick ! Have fun !

  56. monasheewild

    Look like the weather pattern is r the changing more towards normal’s for the rest of Sept here
    in southern BC. More moisture in the forecast and dropping temp should bring a few mushrooms by the end of the month. Most likely head over to West Kootenys for a look near the end of the month

  57. MoreMorels

    Thinking of heading to nass valley end of sept for 2 weeks, looking for someone that’s interested to pick pine and camp for 2 weeks. We will split gas costs. If interested let me know. 30 yr old male.

    1. Talltreesandtea

      Hi, MoreMorels. I would be interested depending on where u are leaving from. I’m in the lowermainland area right now.

    2. MoreMorels

      Tall trees, I’d be leaving from Calgary, but if you were onboard could possibly pick you up along the way. I’m hoping to go sept 29th. Let me know if that would work for u!

  58. Matsiman Post author

    Against my better judgement, I have left the post by Rodney Foster pertaining to cannabis use, but deleted the link to the article.

    I don’t permit the postings or discussions of articles pertaining to drugs of any kind. I do realize there are benefits to some derivative of cannabis for medical purposes and would encourage anyone interested to investigate possible uses for medical concerns. However, discussions or links to questionable substances will be deleted.

    Rodney Foster could post his email address if he want a reply to his message.

    Sorry Rodney, I don’t want to open the possibility of this board being tolerant to a broader discussion of cannabis.

  59. Rodney Foster

    Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I have read many articles about medical marijuana and how it can help you in terms of chronic pain, bone injuries, eating disorder/anorexia, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, inflammation, even cancer and a lot more. Like this article about a marijuana strain called Heavy Duty Fruit (Article link deleted). Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don’t even smoke. If this is true I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

  60. Greyswoodsgoods

    I’m looking to buy choice edibles when the seasons are right. Morels, chanterelles, hens, lobsters, black trumpets, etc. Message me with what you have. Willing to meet part way for a big purchase and also have an air shipping account.

  61. Kootenaybrother

    Dry!Dry!Dry! In the kootenay west ! Found one lobster mushroom on North Face 1200 feet not far from valley bottom .And one oyster mushroom growing on some dead cotton wood. Hopefully we get some rain soon! Thanks Matsiman for the forecasting, greatly appreciated!

  62. Matsiman Post author

    ez4sure, Thanks for the info about the Brookings picking area and homes burned. I picked a couple times in that area in the early 90’s. I know there is a strong picker community there. Said to hear a lot of the area won’t produce much for many years.

  63. ez4sure

    the chetco bar fire has devastated a big part of the winter mushroom areas and some good matsi areas east of brookings if it keeps going it could be all gone what a shame , lots of nice homes and property destroyed as well praying for rain

  64. Matsiman Post author

    Greetings All,
    I don’t know how many have looked at this page, It’s an account from 1992 to 2005 of production in my study on the Boswell. The page contains pounds, average price per pound, days of picking and such. The year conicalifornia mentions, 1993 is among these figures.

    1993 was a year when formation and flush happened at the usual time. However, fruit grew very slow and mostly not at all for 25 to 30 days due prolonged and continuous cooling. I clearly remember watching babies not grow for 3 to 4 weeks. Many died. The best part of the season was the price. Those who have been picking that long will remember it as the highest price payed in any year here in the states. I have the day by day account with pounds picked, by grade, price per pound, by grade and such if anybody is interested.

    The highest price I was paid for #1 was $100.00 for 1 day. Average price per pound, all grades, was $25.54 per pound. We picked 373.34 pounds in 45 days for a total of $9535.65 for 2 pickers. Good year for us cause we didn’t drive off the property to pick and never walked more than 1/4 mile in a day. Had to drive 25 miles, round trip to sell. Ah, those were the days.

    You can see a graph of the temperatures on this page. If conicalifornia forecast is correct, it will give you a preview of what could happen. I’m almost sure the prices won’t get that high though.

  65. conicalifornia

    Howdy everyone,
    Just heads up climate center and me seeing no real rain in site from Northern California up to Washington for next couple weeks. The Climate center sees much below average thru mid september with above average temperatures. The two years i am tracking that had a similar dry pattern was 1951 (Second driest June into July in Seattle besides this year 2017) and 1993 (driest August September on record in Seattle) and both those years had El Nino indices in the neutral category meaning the sea surface temperatures around the equator weren’t unusually high or low. This affects the concentration of thunderstorms or low pressure around the equator in the Pacific ocean and shifts the jet stream path depending where the intense thunderstorms set up over warm ocean water, however the North Pacific high or ridge that has dominated since late mid June is sitting quasi stationary. What happened in 1993 and especially in 1951 was a drastic pattern shift around the first to second week of October into a very wet cool regime that prolonged for the entire Winter. I am seeing a similar pattern emerging and could be a horrible sequence for mushrooms as the rains hold of that get the mushrooms fruiting until its too late and then floods and frost. I hope i am wrong but just heads up we could be in for a tricky late Summer early Fall fruiting.

    cheers to our wacky climate system

  66. Matsiman Post author

    Morning All,
    It’s getting close for formation possibilities to begin, for Pines/Matsutake, in some areas. Last years participation in the forecasting program was disappointing. 50 people requested forecasts but, only 6 followed thru with reports. I need these reports to adjust forecasting model for better accuracy. Without these reports, forecasting is more difficult. All who reported last year agreed forecast was accurate or very close to accurate.

    This year, I will not forecast for an area until a forecast is requested for an area. An area forecast is time consuming. I have no need to forecast an area where the forecast is not used by those picking that area.

    Within a couple weeks, I will post last years forecast charts on the page for that area. Examine these charts and decide for yourself if they were accurate for your area. Take into account these forecasts are for the entire area, not an individual pickers patches. In other words, what is being brought into the buying stations. Forecast charts can indicate how an individual pickers patches will produce, once you understand how they work.

    Thanks to those who reported last year. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

  67. Webmaster

    For those of you that mentioned that the date at the top was stuck at July 1, 2015 ~ that was the date that we created this message board. The date of your post shows right under your username.

    I can understand the confusion that could cause so I’ve hidden that date.

    Thank you for letting us know so we can make this site better.
    Christy, Matsiman Webmaster