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  1. Pnwgal

    Looking to get into Brush Picking in Mason county.
    Can anyone point us in the correct direction as to how to get started & whom We can contact to sell ?

    Any advice is Appreciated, we have lots of time on our hands !

    1. Carley-Jane Stanton

      It’s my understanding that most folk have gone up to the NWT at this point, which is why I was reaching out on here to see if there’s anyone left! 🙂

    1. Carley-Jane Stanton

      Hi Samantha,

      I’m a researcher looking to interview morel pickers in the area, but would also be more than happy to partner up with you for a few days if you’re heading up here!

  2. Big Dumps

    Big Dumps finally has some extended time off from work and can’t wait to get up to the NWT for his morel season, only the message boards have been so dreadfully quiet these days that he has no idea what’s happening up there. He suspects that’s either a good thing, a bad thing, or people just gave up trying to come up with a sufficient password to register to these boards. Either way he is still ridiculously excited to slip into the black again, and is leaving within the hour. Whoop whoop!!

    Full buckets fellow pickers 🙂 May the mushroom Gods be generous to us all this season!

  3. ewokvillage

    We dry, cure and store properly Store, best of luck sun drying your morels and getting a proper shelf life storage or selling to resturants this far north,
    Off to the NWT where less people go and more mushrooms grow!

  4. Rodney Foster

    Hi all, I just want to askl if someone ever tried using shrooms or truffles for medical purposes? I was reading some articles about this magic truffles and shrooms before engaging my self for the first time. Like this one from: .They say that it has a very potent effect on the brain and hallucination. Unlike marijuana does it have any medical use? In one article that I’ve read magic truffles or shrooms are use on reducing the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety. It can also help people to quit smoking and alcohol addiction. Some studies also suggest the property of magic shrooms/truffles can be useful for cancer patients. I would really want to hear other insights regarding this new possible alternative meds. Thanks

  5. MoreMorels

    My type is to sell directly to restaurants at better prices than roadsiders. I got Morels, but I want more. I check to see where good burns are happening and make my trip from there. So to be clear, you picked 300lbs in FSJ area this season already..? Good for you!

  6. MoreMorels

    So I’ve come to the conclusion that ewokvillage is a buyer?! His post of 300lbs in the FSJ can only be a lure to bring in more pickers. I have been in contact with 3 pickers out there, and I can only assume it’s a cat call from a buyer to get more pickers for the scarce season it is..

    1. ewokvillage

      Why do you think its scarce, were in full morel season! I do buy some mushrooms but I kno Your type, probably out asking where buyers are, what prices are at, and doesnt even have mushrooms! we kno your type pickers barely black Hah go further than 1 k off the road only small bears around

    1. MorelSamurai

      Last time i went in fsj buyer by beaton airport road was at 10 and the one between cecil lake and fsj was at 11

  7. Nilla M

    ANYONE PICKING AT THE PIONEER FIRE IN IDAHO? Their picking restrictions are intense… very curious if anyone has a permit or is planning to get one and what the scene is like there….

    1. James Taylor

      Isn’t it too early for Chanterelles? I thought they would pop up in July. I was going to check the fires in Sask because their timing was better than Mac but nobody even mentiones them. They might know something I don’t….

    2. MorelSamurai

      Patterdon lake/forrest lake 2 good size burn indeed and good timing fairly close to highway but not quite enough. You might be able to reach them by kayak then you have a long hike….

  8. jay Corden

    James I’m in Sask now, not sure about last year’s forest, but thought of checking La Ronge again, as it’s so Sandy there, which could take me into their morel season.
    Morelamarai…when I was in Ft Mac, I ptich my tent each night, different spot across from the bush I was to enter next day, power lines ect, didn’t have a problem, but didn’t advertise to…nice to get out if bed and walk into the bad there were so few shrooms.
    Some naturals coming in up there, and a couple Grey’s found last Thursday as well.

  9. MJQN

    MorelSamurai-when you are in FSJ go to Vector Geomatics on west end of town on alaska hwy and buy a map book. It used to cost $75, but thats a couple of years ago. The book is priceless, shows current roads, lease sites and private / crown land. It shows northeastern BC from Peonce George to the Yukon / NWT border, and also used to overlap north western Alberta to the main hwy into NWT. The guys there were really good to deal with. Other than that, the camping rules in BC should be right. Usally goes by man days (more people on a site is less days). Service BC office in provincial bldg beside cop shop & Timmies, or environment office is at the north ebd of town, 3rd floor of Beatton bldg. Last (or 1st depending on which way you’re travelling) set of lightson 100street.

  10. MorelSamurai

    Anyone here can give me a straight answer about how legal is it to just camp about anywhere around a burn? Camping is supposed to be legal on crown land for a duration of 14 days if you dont build permanent buildings. The fort st john area is not on crown land and obviously you cant pitch a tent about anywhere, not to mention its full of oil/gas lease site around…im kinda screwed there dont feel like driving 60k a day to sleep at walmart or something…any hints?

  11. Lucas L

    i heard from various people (pickers and buyers) that picking in ft. mac is not good (that confirms what jay said). fsj was looking promising for 5 days but it’s too dry now and the season is probably over. it’s even too late for rain. nwt fires should be good, but you need a plane, heli or a motorboat. i’m in okanagan and i’m still hoping for good news, but it’s not coming. i will go check some local little fires. it seems we will get some good fires for next season at least 🙂 i wish you all good luck!!!
    if you want to share info, my mail is lucas853211(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. MorelSamurai

      Hold on there….I have to agree that its been pretty hot and dry recently but thw soil temperature is still pretty cold and wet. Peoples around here are picking quite a lot of naturals. Fsj is supposed to get some rain by thursday, way too early to call fsj a bust. Im in the area right now and I’m gonna wait for still 7 days or so and if nothing come up then yeah it might be questionable.

  12. jay Corden

    Also if in Anzac, they are not in typical places, but places you would never go, odd, but I kinda had to unlearn , muskeg and poplar seem to be the spots if there are any

  13. jay Corden

    Left Anzac yesterday , 12 mushrooms in 2 days, wouldn’t advise. Buyer says averaging 150 lbs per day with 14+ pickers up there. Although he only took in 20lbs last Friday .
    If you go..deisel at Esso Anzac is $1:20 litre, petrocan is $1:11 .
    We averaged $50 a day in fuel. Checked alot if area ( I’m called timbertraveler for a reason) .
    Anyone heard on NWT yet and where, some talk but that’s about all.
    Heari g mixed reports about FSJ but Joe bear is up that way from what I hear buying

  14. Lori Gilger

    Looking for buyers for bulk orders of Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma tsugae).
    Currently have a large quantity of dried whole and sliced Reishi and a steady supply available.

  15. MoreMorels

    Hey bob how are thing in Anzac? I’m ready to leave when I hear something can be picked. Heard pickers are leaving up there and things are scarce right now, can you give an update? Thanks

  16. MorelSamurai

    Spent 2 days scouting the beaton airport burn, found 19 wormy morel. 2 buyers give 9 a pound, wolfy and Stan…then I met a chinese guy travelling in a caravan claiming hes offering 11 a pound. Not too sure what to think about that burn yet…ðŸĪ”ðŸĪ” camping spots hard to find.

  17. Ron Lindsey

    Anybody know of any burns in the states? Where some buyers might be? Anyone planning on coming to the states to pick? And lastly, is there anyone on from the states?
    Thanks ron

    1. MorelSamurai

      Is there only buyers on the alberta side? Whats the name of that gravel road at which km? Cant find them..

    2. MorelSamurai

      The road to get to that siphon creek burn fsj are right f***ed full of oil rigs. Gave up on that…dont even bother if you dont have a cb radio you will get crushed.

    3. ewokvillage

      If you dont have a logging radio traveling BC backroads you are putting a lot more ppl at risk then ypurself, ThinK! Ps they made the road channels very easy to use last year RR 1-30

    1. MorelSamurai

      Reid lake burned once again just next the the 2015 fire…roughly 7000 hectare…you have to check the nwt wildfire Facebook page so you get all the information guys.

  18. MorelSamurai

    Anyone has a good camping spot to suggest in fsj? Not too far from buyers and away from oil rig traffic? Preferably close to water source….heading out tomorrow evening…cheers

  19. Bob Patles

    I’m in Anzac..we’re camped along the highway just outside of town. Close to 30 pickers, the buyer is paying just $ 8.00 lb. Mushrooms are coming up nice, 3 pickers together got 41 lbs, yesterday and today. I picked yesterday and today for about 3 hours and got 25l lbs. It would be nice if another buyer was up so the prices would be better.

    1. MoreMorels

      Great info. Is that Kirby from Pacific rim paying 8? Hear at least 2 buyers are setting up in FSJ area so they may have some buying wars there. Seems like some decent weight to start the season. Be on the road in a few days!

  20. MorelSamurai

    Ive been told there should be a buyer about 30km north of fsj, most likely from pacific coast. Anyone has their exact location and how much they are willing to give per pound? Thanks

  21. MJQN

    Thanks for the info Jay. Other than the rain and snow skiff last weekend, weather in Peace this week has been promising. Above 0 at night, mid teens during the day. Supposed to be in the 20’s this weekend (but it is May long…always prepare for snow LOL).

  22. jay Corden

    There is a buyer heading up to FSJ this week end as well to scope it out and maybe open. I’m in S Sask, and it was -2â€ĒC (30F) last night here. A little warmer up north but not by much. Play safe , I’m heading for Mac first have a look see , the long week end is here 🙂

  23. ewokvillage

    Idaho pioneer fire bumper crop! Plains, montana another burn with buyer, Can’t believe so many good looking nature chicks hunt morels in Idaho!

  24. Justin Keutzer

    I will be going to explore the FSJ area fires this weekend.

    Has anyone heard what there has been for Morels up there. If there turns out to be a lot what will it take to have a buyer come around.

    It has been an exceptional year for Naturals out here so far.

    I will post my findings next week.

    1. Arrow Shrooms

      Ronald, do you have an email address or phone # you can give me, I may be interested if you still have it or some — Thanks

  25. cabrito

    hey there. going for the first time with my friends for morels. we choose are of fort st. John. had a contact but is not responding any more. can someone tell me please where to get the white picking baskets and if there will be some buyers, with the end of may/beginning June? thx in advance

    1. Ronald Wiebe

      I am looking for a buyer of Chaga,… harvested in N.W. Alberta in February, 2017,.. thoroughly dried ,.. roughly 50 lbs.

  26. Brandon

    I need to make some cash for tuition next school year. If anyone hears of where buyers are setting up or have any contacts they could share I’d greatly appreciate it! I’ll check the forum often.

    1. MorelSamurai

      If its your first season picking morel Brandon, id suggest you find something else. I dont know if you want to pick in the us or canada but if in canada id recomend working at mcdonald this summer im sure you will make more money there and its a safer bet money wise…the morel season is a big gamble this year…might be a bust.

  27. Jeff

    hi , where are the buyers this year ? last year i was able to find lots of maps of bushfire , and stay on Blue lake , lost my contacts , so withs bushfire is good this year ? i on my way to Fort Nelson , thanks

    1. MorelSamurai

      Unfortunately Jeff other than the fort mac and fort st johns area early season fires. Its been very quiet with wildfire in 2016. Spring is showing up late, as far as i know there is no area that are producing at a Comercial rate by now, only a few naturals here and there. Blue lake? If youre talking about that blue river fire by the Yukon boarder, the area already completely burned a few years ago so…might be a crapshoot. My 2 cents

  28. Matsiman Post author

    chinchaga and others, All links, including email addresses, must be approved by me before they are posted on the board. This is a function of the software program to prevent unwanted spam links and email addresses from being posted.

    I check the board at least 2 times a day and as much as 6 times a day. Be patient, your links and email addresses will be posted if they are not spam.


    1. chinchaga

      Email is and my number is 780 285 1454. You have to txt cause I don’t get good enough service to answer calls at home. Sorry I should have put that info on the post

    1. MorelSamurai

      Not yet…one of them buyer told me 4 days ago all he found was a few natural but nothing yet on those burns….im about to eat all of my 10 finger nails by now.

    2. MoreMorels

      Escalante; have to spoken with any buyers that will be there. The few I’ve talked to said it would be doubtful to set a station there as that was a much earlier burn.

  29. chinchaga

    I have about 25lb of chaga left from this winters pick. It is dried by wood stove and fans for approx 2-3 weeks. Most of it is chopped into 2-3 inch chunks and about 3 lb of crumbs from the chopping process. It’s clean, all bark is gone, and was picked in -20 or colder temps. Pick location is border area of Northwest territories-Alberta border. 20$/lb or best offer. I have references from reputable mushroom companies that will vouch I’m legit, product is good, and I won’t run off with your money. Thanks and full buckets to all

  30. Allan Dodson

    Looking for a buyer for 8 pounds of dried morels and I also have 25-40 pounds of fresh morels for sale to. Call or text Allan at 559-690-4551

  31. MJQN

    BC Peace country still has some snow on the north side of bushline, but finally turning the corner weather wise. Weather man promising high teens for the weekend. No word on any buyers though

  32. MorelSamurai

    Board is pretty quiet still isnt it, not much burn or options this year on the south/central part of the country. Not sure if this season will be a bust…Who has information about hows the ground like/temperature at this time of the year around fort st john or BC in general? Anyone went scouting a few burns? Not sure what the price will be like this year..!

  33. monasheewild

    Just picked a dozen nice small natural morels in south central BC North Okanagan
    Just a quick look all indicators are showing Cotton wood leafs starting to form/oregon grapes
    just beginning to flower/larch needles forming/and yellow wood violets in flower.
    With all this rain and warm days coming beginning in May should get a good May flush of

    1. teresa

      12-15 pound USA last week,. Will,of course drop, not as low as cmda and closer than ft mac which is very far from vanc

  34. Roy Sahm

    I am living and working on the burn line in Fort Mac. Will be sharing info on what is happening and hope others will be honest as I see this pick as questionable! Good luck this year Roy

    1. MoreMorels

      Do you think there will be morels popping in the area, I would agree it will not be anything of a bumper crop, but there should be something? Really want to get some morels this season, but wondering whereabouts.

    2. zay shaeffer

      First year fires with enough moisture are generally bumper crops but I think any morels close to town or industry may be a liability for buyers bc of the chance they could be contaminated. Two cents from the Alaskan.

    3. MoreMorels

      My cocern would be timing as the burn started early May, things started growing in the area in late summer/fall. Would that damper crops?

    4. MoreMorels

      How’s the weather been up there Roy? Do you know what the soil temps are?

  35. Matsiman Post author

    Greetings All,
    Having computer problems so, I may not be able to respond to message boards or answer email.

    This thing is 15 years old. Likely get a new one. Hope I can make the transformation from XP to Windows 10.


  36. MoreMorels

    Anyone looking to partner up and go on the morel trail to ft Mac? I’m a quiet simple guy looking to go pick for 3-5 weeks leaving middle of May. Like to work hard, enjoy my rum after work. Not really into the party crowd.

    1. MorelSamurai

      Looks like this year morel will most likely bloom a bit later in the season, more snow and cold weather compared to the previous 2 years right…?

  37. Lobo

    There are folks much more knowledgeable than me for your area at the Arizona Mushroom Forum on Facebook, they can steer you to the correct areas & trees.

    Some morels are being reported in the Show Low area, Sycamores are good. Since my stroke 3 1/2 years ago I have not been out at all.

    1. Lobo

      Dan, Sorry, I meant in the Sedona area, sometimes in the Cypress.
      I did not hunt much in the Cottonwoods, I spent most of my time at higher elevations.

  38. Dan Fadden

    Lobo, I need some advice on finding morels under cottonwoods along creek beds this spring. When do you usually find them? What elevation do you have the most luck finding them? I’m located in the White Mountains near Show Low. I was planning on looking along Vernon Creek at an elevation of 6500′ to 7500′. I know you seem to have a pretty good luck with finding them. Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  39. Fiddlehead Heaven

    Dwight here in New Brunswick (Fiddlehead Heaven Forest Products) Just want you all to be aware of a company called FD Wild Foods out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, who is advertising all over the internet for harvesters and to sign contracts with them. His name is Fred Dardeene . This company still owes us over $1000 from last August and ignores all requests for payment. Please be careful with this guy and get your money up front if you do any business with him. I know he will be posting here soon to look for Morels both fresh & dried, so beware of this cat folks! Here’s a shout out to Big Mike, Wild Coast drifter, Boletus Joe and Fast Eddy! Hope your Morel season rocks!

  40. MJQN

    Note to add to Mosspillow: the two Fort St. John fires are also in oil patch country. Syphon Creek area is oil, Beatton is gas. Most roads are radio controlled and it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a radio from Petron (or similar) with the local channels so you don’t get run off the road. Syphon fire within Doig River FN Traditional area, Beatton within Blueberry River FN traditional area. Due to the bad rap from the Carmacks fire, best to forewarn those who are new to be respectful for garbage, etc.

    1. MoreMorels

      Thanks for this information. Always helpful knowing a little more about these areas. Leave No Trace camping will be in full effect. Some of the patches/burn sites are just gnarly with filth and trash. Burn it all it or haul it to proper disposal!

  41. MorelSamurai

    So far i only scouted along the highway south of fort mc fire and the oilfied activity is insane. Both fire around the nwt snare hydro system are mostly surrounded of swamp,bog,creek,rivers, that would be too much of a hassle to pick around there. The only one I would consider is the 22000h fire north of Wrigley, but from what i see on google earth it look likes there is some bareland. Saskatchewan had a few 20 000h fires, 2 of them just east of patterson/forrest lake. Aerial view looks alright. Hard to find any info of those on the web since they focused mostly on the ft mac fire. Spent quite a few hours on google earth and trying to retrieve aerial picture of those burn on the media. This year is gonna be a big gamble but those who will succeed this year will most likely make some good bucks.

    1. MoreMorels

      Yeah that wrigley fire does look decent, good timing and big enough. I wouldn’t say it has bare land, its against a small mountain range. Flying costs will only be more from these small northern towns, can’t see anyone signing up for that unless they knew for sure or you could convince them. Also by the looks of it, could hike it from Hwy, maybe 25km from highway towards the lake.
      Have you heard anything for prices, one buyer told me 10$/lb this season, but really depends on supply this year, which does look to be less than recent years.

    2. MorelSamurai

      Havent heard anything on the price yet. Unfortunately, highway 1 all season road ends at Wrigley, the road past the city going to the northern communities is a winter road closed in the summer. I am not too sure what it looks like in the summer and if its driveable with a truck or something, its a 90km drive to the burn. I wouldnt mind hiking from that winter road if i can make it up there.

  42. MorelSamurai

    Any experienced serious morel pickers/buyerw here would be willing to organize a fly-in in a remote burned area in nwt or saskatchewan (team of 3 or 4?) Split the bill for the helicopter and stuff. Still trying to line up sponsor/buyers that would be interested in my project there.

    1. bh54

      Hey I might be interested in setting up to buy from you
      Do you have any info on the fire that you are thinking of flying into
      Ie what time of year was the burn
      Has anyone Scouted it yet
      Size of burn etc

    2. MoreMorels

      The NWT fire is 20,000 hectares on the Precambrian shield were 60-70% of that land will be rock, not soil. You’d be looking at 2-3 grand to fly out and be picked up with your gear. Strongly recommend you do it if you know what’s there, if not I strongly do not recommend it. No map will show you what’s there. Also bear in mind there are 3 companies in the NWT that will harvest first before anyone. Only because they live there.
      Or if you are super eager to fly to a burn, get on with on the companies that harvest strictly for the company.
      What about the Manitoba/Ontario border fire, any thoughts on how that may turn out?

    3. MorelSamurai

      Oh the Manitoba/Ontario border fire is on a provincial park, no picking is allowed there.

    4. MoreMorels

      Yeah might be a crap shoot if they baracade the winter road, if that’s what is it, chances are no vehicles could bypass it. Maybe check with highway department up there to see.
      Chances are I’ll just mingle between Ft st John and Mcmurray. There’s got to be something popping between fires, doesn’t need to be great, as long as I can put some weight in the basket.
      Are the sAsk fires north of La Ronge, when did they start burning?

    5. MorelSamurai

      i use the interactive map from the canada wildfire website, its pretty acurate and you can choose your time frame. Sorry for posting a link on here but take a look. cwfis.cfs.nrcan.
      Just turn the actual date to october 1 2016 and there ya go you can see the entire burns in canada

  43. bh54

    Hello everyone this is not mushroom related but I Hope it is ok to post all the same
    I have a customer looking for a large quantity of Choke Cherries
    If any one has some frozen or knows where I might be able to find some please get back to me thanks bill

  44. Gavin Bruce

    Hello, New to the site and relativly new to the mushroom seen (3-4years). I live in Maine and alltho the amount of profitable mushrooms i have at my disposal during the spring thru fall i am hard pressed to find alot of buyers near the northeast of the US. And hustleing ebay really dosent seem like it would be for me. Looking to develop business friendship with company able to move mushrooms. Morels,chaga,reshi.. And a few others i generally harvest for bulk sale. Any input or possible direction would be muchly appriciated. Thanks, mainemushrooms

    1. MJQN

      Check out Forbes Wild Foods in Toronto area. They may be able to help you out with some buyer information.

    2. taosmountainman

      Hey Gavin. I would be interested in getting loads of hens in the fall for sure. Maybe other things as well. Shoot me an email and we can discuss. Cheers

  45. Don Krupp

    Hello all, I am brand new to the group and relatively new to the mushroom scene. I moved to northern Michigan late last fall and have spent the winter collecting chaga and birch polypore from the deep woods. I’m sitting on about a hundred and fifty pounds of chaga and about fifty lbs. of polypore so far and there doesn’t seem to be any limitation to how much more I can collect. Turkey-Tail is also in abundance here, though I haven’t collected any yet.
    I’m looking to sell all to a wholesaler or someone to buy in abundance, as I don’t enjoy the nickel and diming of the ebay scene.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks, and glad to be a part of the group

  46. MorelSamurai

    The tar sand industries are about 20k north of the city, my only concern would be what come downs that athabasca river. Im not a specialist there but anyway, the fire is huge you can find a spot away from the tar sand industries jungle. It might be fairly green/grassed up though. Good luck

    1. MushroomHead

      I would agree that there is green , i have seen it last summer, might be an issue with locals if you were to try picking in the limits of town.was a huge are covered, traffic would be very slow as well on a daily basis . best bet would be park

    1. Morelli

      Why would that be a concern, friartuck? Other than the urban areas that burned in the city, itself, wouldn’t it be like any other forest fire?

    2. chinchaga

      Ya we load up water bombers with oil and blast the morel mushrooms. We albertans then stir those up with some smog from bc’s west coast and mmmmmmm yummmmy. I’d be more concerned about the logging industry clear cutting bc than our tiny little oil sands that your beloved david suzuki blew out of proportion from his air conditioned home.

    3. mosspillow

      The main things I would consider when harvesting in Northern Alberta near FMac fire are the Bear Baiting Stations which are generally unmarked (if you smell something rotten your probably close to one or several barrels of rotting matter, and there may also be hunters around waiting to shoot at movement, yes I have encountered this as well near bait stations). The black bears are super habituated and unpredictable around this area, unlike anywhere else in western Canada that I have ever seen. This has been agreed upon by many other people I know who have bear experience and worked in the area.
      Also learn about H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide Gas) – AKA Sour Gas before you head into this area as there are pipelines everywhere and yes this stuff is deadly, I encountered two H2S leaks one summer, and a burst Methane pipeline while in the bush near Fort Mac. The second H2S leak nearly killed me. The wild areas around Fort Mac are heavily laden with old and new pipeline infrastructure both above and below ground, compressor stations etc. Lots of roads and seismic lines leading everywhere so easy access to remote areas for foraging but in my personal opinion and experiences as a professional forager hit up burns somewhere else. I wouldn’t touch that area with a ten foot pole.

  47. Lobo

    garf & MorelSamurai

    Too bad we cannot give you some of our 93 degrees F or about 34 degrees C in exchange for some of your cooler weather.

    Summer has come early and our temps will be much hotter soon here in the Southwest.

  48. garf

    hi everyone ..this seems to be the winter that keeps on going. We still have two feet although signs of spring are everywhere. Geese and swans are back , the hillsides can be bare in spots where they get sun and you just get the feeling spring is coming. Morelli those were quite the mushrooms you had growing in those pots. I think i wouldn’t be eating those ones .They look a little trippy . LOL.My mushroom books are packed and i wouldn’t even hazard a guess. Andy good to hear from you and i sure hope it is a good season this year for all of us pickers. I might go for a few trips this year if time allows . I want to find some good porcini patches and maybe go pick some yellow chantrelles. good to see you all on here .

  49. Ronald Banville

    New to this site. Looking to pick morels this summer in bc., or Alberta.looks like the only big burn sites are fort st John, or Fort Mac alberta. Looking to camp in my camper. Any advise or tips would be appreciated. Thanks

  50. MorelSamurai

    Just curious to see if there is anyone looking for a buddy to go scouting around BC and Alberta late march early april. I should be in south Alberta late March. Will pay my share of gas. Thanks!

    1. MushroomHead

      Hi Did you find some one to head to the fm area with?
      I want to have a look as well in a few weeks