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  1. Gavin Bruce

    Hello, New to the site and relativly new to the mushroom seen (3-4years). I live in Maine and alltho the amount of profitable mushrooms i have at my disposal during the spring thru fall i am hard pressed to find alot of buyers near the northeast of the US. And hustleing ebay really dosent seem like it would be for me. Looking to develop business friendship with company able to move mushrooms. Morels,chaga,reshi.. And a few others i generally harvest for bulk sale. Any input or possible direction would be muchly appriciated. Thanks, mainemushrooms

    1. MJQN

      Check out Forbes Wild Foods in Toronto area. They may be able to help you out with some buyer information.

  2. Don Krupp

    Hello all, I am brand new to the group and relatively new to the mushroom scene. I moved to northern Michigan late last fall and have spent the winter collecting chaga and birch polypore from the deep woods. I’m sitting on about a hundred and fifty pounds of chaga and about fifty lbs. of polypore so far and there doesn’t seem to be any limitation to how much more I can collect. Turkey-Tail is also in abundance here, though I haven’t collected any yet.
    I’m looking to sell all to a wholesaler or someone to buy in abundance, as I don’t enjoy the nickel and diming of the ebay scene.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks, and glad to be a part of the group

  3. MorelSamurai

    The tar sand industries are about 20k north of the city, my only concern would be what come downs that athabasca river. Im not a specialist there but anyway, the fire is huge you can find a spot away from the tar sand industries jungle. It might be fairly green/grassed up though. Good luck

    1. MushroomHead

      I would agree that there is green , i have seen it last summer, might be an issue with locals if you were to try picking in the limits of town.was a huge are covered, traffic would be very slow as well on a daily basis . best bet would be park

    1. Morelli

      Why would that be a concern, friartuck? Other than the urban areas that burned in the city, itself, wouldn’t it be like any other forest fire?

    2. chinchaga

      Ya we load up water bombers with oil and blast the morel mushrooms. We albertans then stir those up with some smog from bc’s west coast and mmmmmmm yummmmy. I’d be more concerned about the logging industry clear cutting bc than our tiny little oil sands that your beloved david suzuki blew out of proportion from his air conditioned home.

  4. Lobo

    garf & MorelSamurai

    Too bad we cannot give you some of our 93 degrees F or about 34 degrees C in exchange for some of your cooler weather.

    Summer has come early and our temps will be much hotter soon here in the Southwest.

  5. garf

    hi everyone ..this seems to be the winter that keeps on going. We still have two feet although signs of spring are everywhere. Geese and swans are back , the hillsides can be bare in spots where they get sun and you just get the feeling spring is coming. Morelli those were quite the mushrooms you had growing in those pots. I think i wouldn’t be eating those ones .They look a little trippy . LOL.My mushroom books are packed and i wouldn’t even hazard a guess. Andy good to hear from you and i sure hope it is a good season this year for all of us pickers. I might go for a few trips this year if time allows . I want to find some good porcini patches and maybe go pick some yellow chantrelles. good to see you all on here .

  6. Ronald Banville

    New to this site. Looking to pick morels this summer in bc., or Alberta.looks like the only big burn sites are fort st John, or Fort Mac alberta. Looking to camp in my camper. Any advise or tips would be appreciated. Thanks

  7. MorelSamurai

    Just curious to see if there is anyone looking for a buddy to go scouting around BC and Alberta late march early april. I should be in south Alberta late March. Will pay my share of gas. Thanks!

    1. MushroomHead

      Hi Did you find some one to head to the fm area with?
      I want to have a look as well in a few weeks